JCI EMT 2017

Talking About Our Generation!

What will the next generation invent?

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4th - 7th May 2017

Starting at 18:00


Edinburgh, Scotland

Urban Village, Crewe Road South

Theme 2017: Talking About Our Generation!

Throughout our generations, there have been many inspiring innovations. Since the EMT was founded in 1979, we've seen the CD-ROM, contact lenses, the internet, the iPod, Facebook and even Viagra! What will the next generation in your country invent? How will this impact and motivate our future JCI members and the societies we live in? We are going to explore your generation labels (X, Y and Z) and the changing shape of the world over the years, with unimaginable trends and unique opportunities every one of us had growing up in different decades. This is a challenge to look at the past, present and future for all EMT members!


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Program 2017

4 inspiring days in the heart of Scotland

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What is the EMT
The “EMT” (European Multi Twinning), established in 1979, is a partnership between selected European circles of the Junior Chamber International (JCI). The underlying idea of the EMT is to strengthen the understanding between European peoples and to promote European integration. For over 35 years, members of the EMT live by and consistently pursue this vision in all its diversity and commonality